Expert Care by Qualified Professionals

Our podiatrists have a strong interest in managing chronic ingrown toenails with contemporary, minimally invasive surgical techniques, which cause little discomfort. Our clinic is located in Woolloongabba, near the Brisbane CBD, and we pride ourselves on utilising up to date techniques to ensure your problem is cared for at the highest possible standard.

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Our Promise

At The Ingrown Toenail Centre, we strive to provide you with safe, permanent solutions to chronic ingrown toenails. We will do whatever we can to reduce your stress and anxiety, and keep discomfort to an absolute minimum. Call us now on 1300 FIX TOE (1300 349 863) to see us at Woolloongabba, near the Brisbane CBD.

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The Ingrown Toenail Centre

The Ingrown Toenail Centre is a sub-practice within The Podiatry Practice, Woolloongabba, where the focus is on treatment and care of ingrown toenails. Ingrown Toenail Surgery, when necessary, is performed in the clinic.

The concept for a dedicated service for the management of ingrown toenails was brought about by the increasing number of poorly managed or un-managed cases seen by our podiatrists over recent years.